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Numerous ideas are emerging for communications within the healthcare community, inside and outside the walls of organizations. One of those is MHI -  an emerging social network site.

A breakthrough platform in its early adoption stages is “an emerging social platform that will bring sharing for innovation to the forefront of the healthcare industry,” reported Bloomberg, leveraging collective knowledge from all levels.

The view is that one shared platform is needed to “enable more effective adoption and procurement of leading practices, processes and technology,” says co-founder Ameet Mehta.

“Health systems have been very slow to innovate and we under-realize our return from our investment in medical research and human resources.  What we need is a health system that can distill and articulate its high priority problems, share them to the innovation community (internally and externally), reward innovators and facilitate rapid implementation of disruptive technologies,” said John Soloninka, CEO of the Health Technology Exchange (HTX) and a founding partner. MHI has “a way of creating and interconnecting communities of interest to share problems and best practices, while maintaining a safe and secure environment for frank discussion”.

My Healthcare Innovation (MHI) is reported to be a private and safe  platform/website used by “healthcare workers to effectively and efficiently collaborate” in sharing innovations and solutions.  The venture partners have distinct backgrounds in the healthcare, business, and digital space.  Early adopters are comprised of healthcare thought leaders and potential change makers who will be utilizing and offering feedback before widespread adoption in its full release.

The venture is being implemented within the country of Canada, in partnership with the Ontario Hospital Association and the Health Strategy Innovation Cell, a non-profit, independent innovation think/do tank.



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