Social Media Tools for Employee Referrals

The effectiveness of recruitment sources has been a conversation for years. Assessing best sources has primarily been done through turnover and job performance information. Consistently, employee referrals have been viewed as being among the most effective recruitment sources.

Social Media Tools for Employee Referrals
There are a number of emerging social media tools for employee referrals that  are designed to enhance employee referral systems or programs (ERP), and easily provide analytics for measuring results.

LinkedIn’s Referral Engine is designed to empower employees to identify talent. Vacancies at organizations that deploy Referral Engine are listed, along with the job profile, including required skills, qualifications and experience. Employees whose LinkedIn contacts have matching profiles will receive messages inviting them to put those friends forward for the jobs. The current employee can then take action in one or two clicks, says David Hahn, Vice President of Product Management.

Careerbuilder plans to broadened its services to include Work@, an application that allows a company’s employee referral program to extend into the Facebook environment through proprietary matching technology. A person may choose to send a match to a friend.

Jobmagic, a social recruitment platform that indicates they fully leverage the viral features of social jobs without leaving Facebook. They include a feature for referral hiring with proprietary matching of candidates in employee referral networks.

SelectMinds recently announced the launch of a complete corporate social recruiting solution that allows employers to implement comprehensive social recruiting campaigns through a single interface. TalentVineTM‘s upgrades include a Referral Engine designed to automate the referral process across social networks, giving recruiters the capacity to solicit active and passive job candidates referred by their existing employees. The product includes analytics. 

Taleo, recently acquired by Oracle, is expanding the capabilities of its product for recruiters by leveraging social networks and providing a data gathering mechanism. Recruiters, employees and candidates will have the capacity to share jobs across hundreds of social networks including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. This is expected to strengthen employee referral programs through alumni and employee networks. Sourcing analytics will assist recruiters in learning which networks are providing the strongest candidates, which is expected to help with strategy.

Currently, statistics gathered from a survey of recruiters by Enhanced Media of Manchester, England, hold that 54% of employer career sites have not been updated in over two years. At the same time, 78% give their site high ratings, leaving the indication that HR is satisfied with their site and may not view updates as being necessary. Additionally, there is an indication that there is not a strong utilization of metrics. Facebook is not reflected as a positively viewed recruiting tool, while LinkedIn is most popular. It is possible that, as more tools are made available for strategically utilizing Facebook, views will change.

A caution is to assure that a system is in place for efficiently managing the employee referral program, and to be mindful of Equal Employment. Actively measuring systems appropriately will assist with efficiency, planning and strategy.

Note: SelectMinds is a Taleo Passport Partner and is fully integrated with Taleo Enterprise and Business Editions


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