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Social media offerings are providing enhancements for simplifying the use of them in
recruitment. Additionally, there are simple, efficient, and friendly offerings of formal submissions of resumes for job seekers through traditional methods. The traditional databases of resumes are an option to tap when they are correctly targeted databases.

Social media options for recruiters or sourcers may include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, etc. Additionally, job seekers are utilizing digital resumes, and creating infographic and video resumes, among other options.

Tools are also available that assist recruiters/sourcers with easily tapping into social media options collectively through one source rather than handling each social media option individually. Additionally, tools are available that assist with simplifying the recruiter’s/sourcer’s experience within a specific social media option, for example, finding candidates more efficiently on Facebook. These tools have the potential to provide a great time-saver  and efficiency system for the recruiter/sourcer in utilizing social media.

As options are enhanced, the research continues to be evolving regarding the effectiveness of social media versus traditional methods for recruitment. One of the methods we hope to move away from is the healthcare organization that has candidates experience an initial cumbersome online process to apply rather than a positive, simple process. Star candidates and candidates for recruitment challenging positions, may ponder, or do, move on to another potential employer who is providing a friendlier experience in the initial stage. Or, they may go through an agency for the opening.

All social media and initial simplistic application processes, or offerings, can be achieved, while meeting federal and local regulations.

The desired goal in talent acquisition is finding and obtaining the best candidates for the job in an efficient manner while promoting a positive, customer friendly view of the organization.

Candidates are given insight into the values held by the organization through first impressions – the initial experience – perhaps judging the organization to be innovative and friendly, or an organization that is uncaring, bureaucratic, and low in adaptability. The candidate experience may give insight into what the employee experience may be, as well as the patient experience, as they, perhaps draw conclusions about the organization.

How does an organization become a high performing one – high touch along with high tech?

The healthcare organization determines who it wants to be and what is important when traveling the path towards achieving goals.

When the potential employee chooses which organization (s)he prefers to work with, each type of organization is creating a candidate experience that is drawing the employees who choose to work with them. Who are they?


How Businesses Use Social Media for Recruiting by Erica Swallow. August, 2011. Mashable Social Media.



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