New Form I-9 by USCIS


The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has released a new Form I-9, also known as the Employment Eligibility Verification Form. The Form I-9 is utilized by the employer to verify the identity and employment authorization eligibility of employees.The new form is effective immediately. You may continue using the previous version until May 7, 2013. You can find the new form, and instructions for completion, along with additional  information at I-9 Central Home.

The revisions:

  • expand the form to two pages, including additional data requests
  • provide a design that aligns with internal standards
    • place the instructions in a one-column format
    • change in font and font size
  • expand the instructions to clarify the following:
    • information employee provides in Section 1
    • information employer gives focus to in Section 2
    • employer responsibilities

Reference links for your use are listed below:

Customer Support

Federal Register 15030

Form I-9 Revised 03/08/2013

Handbook for Employers

I-9 Central



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